SysOrb 4.0.0 update build 5562 released

Date:10-04-2014:An update to SysOrb 4.0.0 has been released. Issues fixed since build 5451 are:

  • Fixed:log_netcheck_debug on the fly now work as intended
  • Fixed:a bug that made it possible to move a node from domain A to domain B even thought a node with exact same name already existed in domain B
  • Fixed: Adding NodeClass to multiple nodes via mark function could in some circumstances cause drops of other NodeClasses
  • Fixed: It is now possible for a user with the only right being "Downtime, acknowledge and reset scores" to set the entire node in downtime
  • Fixed: Incident report now only included alert incidents which is inside the defined time span
  • Improvement: limits for dbms_cache_size, dbms_buffer_blocks and dbms_cache_size was increased
  • Improvement: When adding a new node, its "Alert Group" dropdown box now default to "As Domain" instead of "As None".

Download SysOrb 4.0 here!