SysOrb 4.0.0 update build 5636 released

Date:06-11-2014:An update to SysOrb 4.0.0 has been released. Issues fixed since build 5562 are:

  • Fixed: Remedy property is now translated correctly to NodeClass Check
  • Fixed: Downtime Node button is now removed from Alert list as it was introduced there by mistake
  • Fixed: SysOrb import tool now import statistics data correct.
  • Fixed: A issue where SysOrb did not start up correct in passive mode
  • Fixed: A bug introduced in last build where the release key in SysOrb webinterface did not work as intended.
  • Fixed: A issue where SysOrb server was logging a lot of messages, that look like debug info even though log_nodeclass_debug was not enabled
  • Fixed: A issue where SysOrb server in some situations could crash if a ESXi host was rebooted while SysOrb was monitoring the ESXi host
  • Fixed: A issue where HTTPS checks in some situations consistently reported "Bad reply". This issue was only present on SysOrb installations running on Linux
  • Fixed: SysOrb server no longer reset server_port to default after upgrade

Download SysOrb 4.0 here!