SysOrb 4.4.0 update build 5749 released

Date:21-12-2015: An update to SysOrb 4.4.0 has been released. Issues fixed since build 5737 are:

  • Fixed: Issue only related to ESXi datastore checks: if thresholds were violated on ESXi datastore checks the alerts would not appear on the alert list.
  • Fixed: When doing rescan on ESXi servers some checks deep in the tree structure were deleted.
  • Fixed: SysOrb server could crash when connection breaks and restores during a esxi-server rescan.
  • Fixed: Agent would crash if admin requested downtime using command line --down parameter without '--comment' parameter.
  • Fixed: SysOrb Server will now not be able to accept results from an agent that runs on a server where local server time is in the future.
  • Fixed: On some database configurations if user created LogCheck rule with moveto @’name_of_your_group'; user would get at HTTP 502.2 error.

Download SysOrb 4.4 here!