About us

Evalesco A/S is a privately held company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company and its products concentrate on Server Monitoring and Management and are contrary to most of the competition focusing on selling and delivering software with minimal need for training, custom configuration and other services.

We are supporting an ever growing number of customers in more than 20 countries around the world within industries such as medical equipment, engineering, energy, insurance/banking, managed services, and technology, as well as government and educational bodies.

Thousands of servers and network devices are being monitored by SysOrb.

Our name reflects the dedication of our company. The word “evalesco” is latin and means: To grow strong, to prevail, to have value.

Our Mission

We deliver substantial added value to professional users of enterprise, internet and industrial ICT networks by enabling them to achieve best-practice high availability, stability and security of those networks, and an improved life-cycle management of their IT hardware infrastructures.

The story about SysOrb

In 1997 a group of network and server technicians sat in the data center of their employer – a hosting service provider – and discussed how best to manage and service the growing number of servers and network nodes that they were responsible for.

They searched for and tested a number of monitoring tools. Open-source tools that were free of charge, as well as commercially available systems were considered.
The commercially available systems were desirable, but ultimately discarded because of their high price and relatively high complexity to install and manage.

The open-source tools on the other hand were tempting, since they did not incur any licensing costs. However, they were quite simple, and if any one open-source tool should be made to properly cover the monitoring needs of the data center, they required quite a lot of feature expansion. This would not be a major problem, since some of the technicians were computer software programmers, so they could easily develop the needed features.

The team quickly realised, however, that if they would have to develop a lot of new features and compile and build the tool themselves, they might as well develop their own monitoring system altogether. That decision would lead to the inception of the SysOrb Network Monitoring System.

SysOrb is therefore developed by network and server managers, for network and server managers.

Complex but simple

The primary objective of the SysOrb development team has always been – and still is – to make a system that monitors the entire complexity of a data centre, and with a user interface that nonetheless is simple and easy to use.