Download SysOrb server package

Click on one of the links below to download the associated package. As a new user you will need at least the SysOrb Server for one platform of your choice.

Previous releases of SysOrb are shown available for download here

The SysOrb Server package contains a 30-day license also for using up to 5 SysOrb Agents, but you need to download the Agents for the specific platforms separately.
If you would like to test SysOrb in a larger environment than the default test license allows please contact

Before downloading please make sure that you have accepted our End-User License Agreement

When logging in to the SysOrb web interface for the first time the username and default password are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admtest

We recommend that you change at least the password upon logging in the first time.

SysOrb 4.6.2

Operating SystemArchitectureSysOrb AgentSysOrb Server
CentOS/RHEL 6 (and newer)64-bit x86DownloadDownload
Debian Linux 7 (and newer)64-bit x86DownloadDownload
MS Windows 7/Server 2008 (and newer)32-bit x86DownloadNot available
MS Windows 7/Server 2008 (and newer)64-bit x86DownloadDownload
MS Windows Server 2003 (legacy)64-bit x86DownloadNot available
MS Windows XP (legacy)32-bit x86DownloadNot available
Oracle Solaris 1164-bit x86DownloadDownload
Agent Auto-Upgrade Package

The Agent Auto-Upgrade Package is for users who are upgrading an existing SysOrb installation, and who have enabled the auto-upgrade feature on the existing SysOrb Agent installations.

Should you need assistance please contact us at We will answer your e-mail within the same day (during week-days). You are also welcome to call us on phone number +45 70 20 27 42.