HTTP/HTTPS check in SysOrb

SysOrb can send HTTP / HTTPs requests to any website. If the site is reported as down or unavailable SysOrb can immediately notifies you via Email or SMS so that you can take corrective actions quickly before it affects end users. Below you see an example where SysOrb monitor and the subpage everything is fine so the check is also reported as checked out fine.

Response time: On each check you have the page load time reported. You have a graph showing you the history of the page load time. Use the graph for trouble shouting and see how the site responded over a given time period.

Note that the graph in SysOrb has a very high resolution. The first week of data has 1-minute resolution. This means that the graph is really useful and precise when used for troubleshooting issues.SysOrb keep data up to 4 years back in time.

URL to check: can be used to check any subpage on a given domain name as e.g. above example.

HTTP version: This is the HTTP protocol version that SysOrb will use to query the web server.

HTTP user agent: If specified, this is the value of the HTTP User-Agent header that SysOrb will send with the request.

Status coder checker: It is also possible to check if the page reports the expected HTTP status like e.g. 200 OK code.

Site content Check: Sysorb can check for a specific word or phrase on the site. This can be useful if you e.g. want to make sure that nobody replaced your site or changed it.