SysOrb for MSP

SysOrb is ideal for use in offering managed services and remote monitoring/server management as a service, and it enables the MSP to offer cost-optimized services, without compromising functionality and flexibility.

SysOrb supports monitoring of all types of network devices, and all Windows, Linux, Unix and Novell type servers and their applications, and the SysOrb web interface makes it possible to manage all customers from one single system.

As an MSP you can offer SysOrb as a SaaS solution.

SysOrb makes it possible for you as an MSP to decide whether or not the end customer should be allowed to log in to the SysOrb web interface. You can issue different levels of user rights – from only viewing information to full-fledged access to adding, editing and configuring within the customer’s own SysOrb Domain.

In that way is possible to offer SysOrb as a SaaS solution, where the customer is allocated a SysOrb SubDomain on your SysOrb installation with100% self-service.

Gradually move customers to a high-margin MSP model.

SysOrb enables you to start off new customers on a low-cost SaaS model with almost 100% self-service, and then to be able to gradually move the customer to higher and higher service levels, and a high-margin MSP model, where you as a service provider is responsible for the entire solution and services.

Below is simple example/screenshots of how the SysOrb root domain could look like for you as an MSP.

SysOrb customer setupSysOrb customer setup

Also check out our demo login here Live Demo SysOrb this is a login to a domain as it could look like for a customer. The login only provides viewing information but this can easily be changed.

The web interface is also accessible via a smart-phone, which means that the user may have full access to the
system from a smartphone or mobile cell phone (using a browser). Any phone or smartphone that has access to the Internet,and uses a web browser, is supported.

Yes you can customize SysOrb Web Interface so it reflect your company

It is possible to customize SysOrb Web Interface. You can change the default logos and links in SysOrb so the web interface represents the look and feel of your company. This can be used to make your customers feel more comfortable and secure when they log in to the monitoring system.

Simple and flexible rental model (pay-as-you-go)

Our aim is to provide MSP's with an excellent opportunity to offer server and network monitoring service at a very low risk. We therefore offer Service Providers the benefit of an xSP partnership, which gives them access to favorable conditions of rental licensing model (pay-as-you-go) with no minimum usage commitment. This license model has been shaped to fit the typical xSP revenue model of monthly fees for the services provided.
Using this license model the xSP are billed only for the number of licenses activated and are not charged for more licenses than they are actually using. As node counts go up or down, monthly bills for SysOrb adjust accordingly.
In order to sign up for the xSP Partner programme there is a one-time startup fee of € 1000.
Benefits for the xSP using the rental model:

  • The xSP only has expenditure for SysOrb licenses actually used, when it also has an income from its customer.
  • Minimal financial risk for the xSP only a small start-up-fee of € 1000
  • There is no actual binding period when using the rental model.
  • An xSP Partner is covered with Upgrade & Support subscription within the rental fee.

An xSP partner is also entitled to re-sale stand-alone installations of SysOrb, in order to provide the xSP partner with the opportunity to resell license keys to customers that do not want to subscribe to monitoring as a service.

If you want to learn more about becoming an MSP partner, please contact us.

Easy deployment and maintenance - with integrated security

When providing remote monitoring to customers, SysOrb integrates a secure connection for the monitoring data by means of Satellites. That means that it is no longer necessary to establish separate VPN connections to the customer LAN in order to monitor it securely. The same security is built in to the SysOrb Agents.

Using the SysOrb NodeClasses to define best-practice configurations enables the MSP to quickly deploy and
automatically configure monitoring for new customers - this can be done in a matter of minutes, even for very complex monitoring configurations.

Flexibility in the choice of service model

It is optional whether you want alert notification and uptime reporting to go directly to the customers or not, and SysOrb therefore enables you to offer a full range of services. From delivering SysOrb on an ASP-basis for the customer to use themselves, to using SysOrb as the foundation for semi-managed or fully managed services of either hosted or remote infrastructures and applications.

Are you looking for Managed Services or Remote Monitoring?

If you represent a corporate IT department and if you are interested in Managed Services or Remote Monitoring based on SysOrb, we have a number of Service Providers who can provide such services. Please contact us to find out which Service Provider is available in your country or region.