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Does SysOrb support SNMP traps?

No, SysOrb works with the "SNMP GET" system. The SNMP protocol describes several ways of communication between the SNMP agent and a SNMP surveillance station (SysOrb Server). One method is the SNMP "GET" where the SNMP surveillance station asks the agent for a specific number, and the agent replies with a value. The question could be "how many bites of information has been sent out of port 1", since the router was rebooted?

Another way is the "SNMP traps", where the agent will respond spontaneous to the surveillance station when a certain issue has happened, for example the router loses a connection on port 1.

SysOrb works with the "SNMP GET" system.The reason for this is, that in most cases one can get the same information with "get", (eg. Ask the router for the link status on port 1,) plus one is sure to discover if data are lost on the net. If SysOrb with SNMP "get" ask about reading, for example. link status, and do not get a reply within 5 seconds, then SysOrb will ask again, and if it still has not received a reply after a number of attempts, then SysOrb know that there is a problem. With traps SysOrb would not know when the SNMP agent had sent a message, and it would not be able to detect the message, if it was lost on the network.

Therefore you can say that using "Get" the reliability is higher and it is a more secure way to monitor nodes.