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Agent crashes


The agent does not check in to the SysOrb server. Upon inspection, the agent process no longer runs on the server it was installed on.

On windows you can look for "soagent.exe" in the task manager - if this process cannot be found, the agent is not running.

On UNIX and Linux based systems you can look for the "soagent" process using pgrep, top, prstat or similar process overview tools.


Agent crashes are either caused directly by software problems in the SysOrb agent, or they can be caused by driver or library problems in the host system software that the agent is interacting with.


Please enabled extended logging, to better diagnose precisely which subsystem of the agent is causing the crash.

On Windows, enter the SysOrb configuration tool on the system on which the agent is installed. Go to "SysOrb Agent", "General" and "Amount of logging". The log level will be set to "1" - you should change this to "-1".

On UNIX, Linux based or NetWare systems you can edit the agent configuration file (agent.conf or agent.cfg). Change the line that says "loglevel = 1" to instead say "loglevel = -1".

After this change, start up the agent again. Let it run until it crashes. Please be aware that the agent is now logging excessively - if it takes days for the agent to crash, know that the log file can grow to hundreds of megabytes or more.

Once the agent has crashed, the log file should hold very valuable information that will be essential to further troubleshooting. Please open a support request with Evalesco and be sure to send the log file too.

If the log file is too large, please upload it to: