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Unable to monitor hardware (fans, disks, temperatures etc.) on Windows


After having installed the SysOrb Agent on a Windows Server running natively on a hardware system (not as a guest in a virtualized environment), there is no "IPMI Sensors" group in the agent checks section under agent checks in the web interface.


Hardware monitoring is facilitated by a subsystem called IPMI. The SysOrb Agent supports the IPMI protocol but requires operating system support in order to actually access the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) that provides the sensor data.

Windows versions prior to Windows 2003 R2 do not include an IPMI driver at all. One can be downloaded from Intel, and the Intel IPMI driver is fully supported by the SysOrb Agent.

Windows versions from WIndows 2003 R2 and on, include an IPMI driver but the driver is not installed by default. The following technet article describes how to enable this:

Windows versions from Windows 2008 installes the IPMI driver by default and should therefore not need any additional actions.

The hardware information is provided by a Baseboard Management Controller - if the server hardware on which you are running the SysOrb Agent does not have a BMC, the information will simply not be available. Furthermore, different vendors support very different sets of sensors with naming conventions of variying quality. The SysOrb Agent will provide all sensors (of the sensor types it supports) to the web interface, using the names chosen by the hardware vendor.


If running Windows versions prior to Windows 2003 R2, consider installing the Intel IPMI driver which can be downloaded from the Intel web site.

If running Windows versions prior to Windows 2008 but later than or equal to Windows 2003 R2, you can install the IPMI driver supplied with the operating system by following the technet arcitle:

If running Windows 2008 or later, you should have the IPMI driver installed already.