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How to change time interval value of agent_checkin_delay


You might experience "false" agent late for checkin alarms e.g. during the night. These alerts go away after a few minutes however it is annoying for a person on night call to get woken up, just to see a clean SysOrb alert list with no alerts.


These alarms are not a result of buggy SysOrb, but a natural result of e.g. a network under heavy pressure. It might be the case that a lot of backup jobs are running and this is taking up all the bandwidth in the network. This can prevent the agent from checking in to the SysOrb server in time. Once there is enough available bandwidth the SysOrb agent will check in again.


From SysOrb 4.0.0 build 5451 a new server configuration option allows the user to define how much time SysOrb server gives an agent before SysOrb server generate “late for checkin” alert

In the server configuration you find the option:

Unit of measure: seconds
Default value: 30

Time interval is calculated as:
Time_until_alert = "check in every" frequency *2.5 + agent_checkin_delay

The default is: Time_until_alert = 30 sek *2.5 + 30 sek = 105 sek.

If changing this option we recommend to start changing the option agent_checkin_delay to 60 and see if this help prevent "false" late agent checkin. Please note that this setting will affect all agents.