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Disabling specific checks


Certain checks performed on the agent causes the agent or even the entire system to crash


Certain drivers or shared libraries that the SysOrb agent calls can contain buggy code, which is beyond the control of the SysOrb agent.


If upgrading the driver or shared library that causes the agent to fail is not feasible, the specific check that causes the problems can be disabled in the agent configuration. This is done by adding the string "disable_checks" to the SysOrb agent configuration, following a comma separated list of the checks to disable. On Posix systems the configuration file is by default located at /etc/sysorb/agent.conf. On Windows one needs to open the registry editor (regedit) and locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SysOrb\SOAgent and adding a new string value name "disable_checks", with the value being a comma separated list of specific checks to disable.

The following individual checks can currently be disabled this way:

  • fs - Filesystem checks
  • mem - Memory checks
  • system - Generic system checks
  • proc - Processes checks
  • smart - Smart checks
  • ifthrough - Interface throghput checks
  • ifevents - Interface events checks
  • custom - Custom checks
  • log - Log checks
  • fanspeed - Fanspeed checks
  • temperature - Temperature checks
  • voltage - Voltage checks
  • raid - RAID checks
  • esx_vms - VmWare ESX checks
  • scm - Services checks (Windows only)
  • perf - Performance counter checks (Windows only)
  • ioqueue - Ioqueue checks (Solaris only)
  • processors - Processors checks (Posix systems and Netware only)
  • safte - SAFTE checks
  • ipmisens - IPMI sensors checks
  • cciss - CCISS checks
  • csmiplus - CSMI checks
  • block - Block devices checks