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Welcome to SysOrb knowledge base. Her you will find detailed explanation on questions regarding SysOrb. The list is under continues development and new articles will be added. You can follow the links below or enter a "key word" to search all of the articles.

How to move the SysOrb server to a new server

If you want to move a SysOrb server to a new server you should do the following:

First install a new SysOrb server package on the new server and set the basic things you are asked during the installation process. Then stop the SysOrb service on the old server and then you copy the four files main.odb, main.odbj, main.tsdb and sysorb.lic from the old server to the new. They are all in C: \ Program Files \ SysOrb server \ Config.

Then you should be able to start the SysOrb service on the new server and you have moved the server.

SysOrbs database is located in the three files main.odb, main.odbj, main.tsdb. They are the ones you need to backup. They contain all the configuration of the checks to be monitored on each machine, and all historical data from these checks. (If you are using Linux, then the files instead of / var / sysorb and / etc / sysorb.)

When you take a backup/copy of the files remember to stop the SysOrb service first.